Scanning Acoustic Microscope for Semiconductor and Industrial Materials.
Kind :   SAM Products

 Semiconductor : Flip Chip, BGA, QFT, TBGA, FBGA, SOP, FET, MLCC, PCB
 Industrial : ITO Target, Wafer, Pipe, Plate, Bar, Complex Material, Piston test, Flaw detection in Planting, Car Engine, Weld zone

 Measure the thickness of materials
 Measure the location and the size of flaw(Debonding, Delamination, Crack) inside materials and on the surface.
 Low noise by using the highly efficient linear-servo motor
 Natural scanning & Improve the S/N[signal-to-noise] ratio
 High quality and accurate scanning image
 Suitable for the large size boards(PCB) and components
 Water jet scan system
 Auto sliding door system
A, C, T Scan

1. Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver
Frequency Range : 1 - 500MHz
Low noise, high performance pulser/receiver derives the ultrasonic signal of ultra wide-bandwidth characteristics from the transducer.

2. A/D Converter
Real time 1GHz

3. Mechanical Scanner
Scan Axis (Linear servo motor)
Max. Stroke 750mm
Max. Speed 1000mm/s
Repeatability +/-2 micron
Encoder Resolution 0.5micron
Index Axis
Micro-stepping motor with lead screw
Max. Stroke 750mm
Step Resolution 1micron
Vertical Axis
Micro-stepping motor with lead screw
Max. Stroke 70mm
Vertical Resolution 2.5micron

4. General
Water circulation pump with filter
Immersion Tank Dimension 950mm x 1050mm x 150mm
C- Scanning Area with T-Scan C-Scan 750mm X 750mm X 70mm
T-Scan 750mm X 300mm X 70mm
Main Unit SIZE 1400mm X 1380mm X 1500mm (Without Monitor)
Weight Approx. 700kg
Power AC220V / 15A (1Phase)
Pneumatic 5 ~ 6 kgf/cm2


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